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SDI Strength Deployment Inventory

Strength Deployment Inventory

SDI is a method that is used to identify an individual’s motivation and value system. When used effectively, SDI can help an individual perform more effectively by understanding themselves and others.

What is it?
STRENGTH – identifying the characteristic strengths of behaviour and suggesting ways of using these strengths to achieve mutually productive outcomes with others.

DEPLOYMENT – the displaying or unfolding of one’s behaviour to others.

INVENTORY – taking stock of one’s values, motivation and behaviour.

How it works: The SDI is based on more than 30 years of research by psychologist Elias H Porter PhD. From this he created Relationship Awareness Theory™ with the objective that when applied, people would be able to create mutually meaningful,
win-win relationships. It looks at our values that ‘trigger’ our motivations when things are going well and when faced with conflict & opposition.

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