We at Sanderson Associates use an approach to training that consists of six steps. These range from investing time with you so we can fully understand your needs and business culture to producing and delivering bespoke training packages suitable for your company and its target audience.

One of the key features of our training is that we use a consulting style to understand your learning and development needs.


Stage 1 - Invest time with the client in advance to understand their culture, needs and outcomes.

Stage 2 - Use Training Needs Analyses, one-to-one meetings with a selection of the target group and also discuss the training issues with the relevant managers using the unique Manager’s Perception Survey Analysis.

Stage 3 - Produce a ‘Training Assessment Report’ document for the client. This allows detailed discussions of the training needs to take place between the client’s managers and the Sanderson trainer.

Stage 4 - Produce high quality tailored reference books including real life case studies, exercises and any other relevant documentation for each delegate to use during the programme and retain after the programme is complete.

Stage 5 - Run the training programme using an interactive style, which may include self-analysis questionnaires, syndicates, practice sessions and continuous feedback throughout. Personal Action Plans are set at the end of each session. At the start of each new session, delegates are encouraged to discuss the results (good or bad) of how they applied the new skills.

Stage 6 - On completion of the training programme, agreed follow up sessions are discussed. These can be via the telephone, one-to-one coaching or small group workshop activities.

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